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Nikola Velev – human-centered product designer, creating not just
interfaces but experiences. UX designer at Dell Technologies and a freelancer.

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About me

UX Designer at Dell, where I work for APEX – an as-a-Service product, delivering cloud services across the globe and Premier (My Account) – Dell’s digital platform for IT procurement and modernizing business operations. I also work with clients as a freelancer.

5 years ago the design gave me a positive impulse in life. Now UX, product, UI design, prototyping, user needs, design systems, and the like have become a great everyday adventure for me.

If you want me to help you with your next project, don’t hesitate and contact me.

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APEX – Product Design Style Guide.
(Password-protected case study.)

Design System     Technology

Dell Premier (My Account) – Multicomponent 1st and 3rd party integration.
(Password-protected case study.)

Product design     Technology
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Checkout – Expert review
& Heuristic evaluation 

UX design     Education

User’s identity verification for an
online banking app.
UX design     Fintech

My design process


Research users' needs


State users' needs and problems


Challenge assumptions and generate ideas


Create solutions


Try out solutions

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Design Champ

Nikola started working on understanding the Mid-term update for the Multi-component offer. He did a great job in understanding the use cases, did so much groundwork with confirming all the scenarios, and came up with a scalable design solution for any multi-component offer subscription that would come the way of a lead vehicle.

Nikola’s structured working style and coming so much prepared for incremental work had helped us come out with a multi-component offer subscription mid-term update design looks really good.

Rajeswari Kavirayar

BTO (Business Transformation Manager) - Dell

Strong Design Force to Inspire

Nikola started with a foundation of trust with a balanced team to drive a design-centered approach from framing the problem space to delivering top-notch design experience on a very complex project ‘My Account Mid Term Multi Component’.

I’ve received many praises from BTO, and responsible PMs about his excellent work and expressed how much they enjoy working with him.

Nikola’s work ethic also contributes to the design team’s success by spotting any UX opportunities to improve key user flows. Nikola is very talented in breaking down a complex product model at an atomic level and explaining it in a very easy way to understand. He has shared and onboarded many designers to understand this vital experience across Dell Digital and EDG design organizations.

Nikola is a fine example of an inspiring UX professional that brings it to the team on a daily basis. We enjoy working together and what an honor to be on the same team with him.

Ling Lee

Design Team Lead - Dell

Dear Nikola, I would like to express my gratitude and true appreciation for your remarkable contribution to My Account design space in general, and in particular for the Multicomponent flows. You demonstrate true dedication and commitment in achieving the best designs and user experience and at the same time most accurate and fulfilling business and non-fictional requirements. Your willingness to go the extra mile in analysis and exploration, to deep dive into user research, to gain and consider relevant feedback – all this pays off as great results and smooth experience, which makes all our work more valuable and meaningful for our customers. Thank you for being a great team player and performer!

Mariya Zasheva

Project Manager - Dell

Nikola does not try to impose his ideas, but rather gets into the client’s shoes as much as possible. He tries to do what the customer desires, not what is handy for the designer. At the same time, he is suggesting his ideas in a delicate way. Nikola is a designer with a vision and a great attitude for details. He knows how to fill in the gaps in the client’s ideas.

Georgi Kasapov

Owner - Sense Shisha


Как да иновираме и подобрим продукт или услуга?

Product Design

Как са дошли добрите идеи? Как са измислени най-готините услуги или продукти? Трябва да има някаква тайна, някаква магия или просто е чиста случайност. Въпреки, че мога да се съглася, че понякога добрите идеи са плод на случайност, то в общият случай това не е точно така. Може би не е въпрос на случайност, нито гениалност? Може би има някакъв метод, който стои зад всичко това? Да, има и точно за този метод ще ви разкажа в статията…

Българин създаде материалите за проект на Google – интервю с Никола Велев.


“Имаше ли предварително определена визия или остави музата ти да решава в движение?

Имах точно изграден план и визия, които следвах във всеки един етап от работата. Според мен правилното планиране, концепция и подготовка са ключа към успеха. Разбира се, не всичко може да се планирa…”