My certifications and what I have learned from each training.

Group 99

Complete UX / UI Program

Telerik Academy

During the 3 months of practical training, I have built up my UI and UX skills. In a team environment, we’ve designed an online app and went through the entire process from idea to final prototype.

The soft skills module was practical, too. Allowing me to improve even more my strong personal qualities, as well as work on my shortcomings.

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Human-Computer Interaction - HCI

Interaction Design Foundation

In this course, I learned what HCI is. How cognition and perception, which encompass attention, memory, thought, the “senses” play a role in affecting the experience of interactive design. How emotion affects user experience and what it means to be a user of a computer.

* Distinction: № 1 learner in Bulgaria

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Become a UX Designer from Scratch

Interaction Design Foundation

In the training, I learned in detail about techniques and methods, such as User Interviews, Crafting PersonasBuilding Customer Journey Maps, SCAMPERPrototypingIdeas Evaluation, and more.

* Distinction: Top 10 in class

My profile in interaction-design.org

Design Thinking: The Beginner’s Guide

Interaction Design Foundation

In the course, I learned what design thinking is, different methods for solving complex problems, and approaches in UX.

I got acquainted with the basic design process: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test.

I’ve learned to apply techniques and use methods such as Context Mapping, Customer Journey Map, 5 Whys, Interview, Affinity Diagrams, Card Sorting, Personas, Point of View – Problem Statement, Brainstorming, Braindumping, Worst Possible Idea, and more.

* Distinction: Top 10 in class